We take care of all aspects of each project, convinced of the fact that being properly prepared can minimize the risk of failure


For this reason, we have created a range of “holistic” services thanks to which we can monitor all critical success factors.


Market research and analysis to understand the extent of opportunities in connection with the competitive potential of the Italian Partner.

Identification of local organizations, associations and Institutions to which the Italian Partners must adhere to achieve maximum local visibility and establish institutional relations for a correct inclusion within the market.

Establishment of local virtual office services, recruitment and selection of local support for logistics (warehouses, distribution centers) where Partner operations can be established (import of equipment/raw materials/semi-finished products, etc.).

Search and selection of potential human resources to employ during the local development of the project.

Research and selection of potential partners for the development of joint venture collaborations aimed to accelerate access to the target market (strongly recommended).

Presentations (of product/service) to all local stakeholders that build up the value chain (public and private) by participating , in corporate events on behalf of the Partners (exhibitions, meetings, conferences, etc.) or by organizing ad hoc events which involve partners as public speakers.

Management of relations previously established by the Partner with local stakeholders.


Management of both administrative and legal procedures to obtain the certifications, authorizations and permits required by Australian Standards.

Research, selection and management of the administrative processes for the participation in public and private tenders in Australia.

Legal and administrative advice for the establishment of companies and/or local joint ventures on the basis of specific needs.

The over 140 existing work visas require an advanced knowledge of Australian regulations obtained through close partnerships with the most successful local Immigration officers.

Research and selection of Australian legal entities to engage in the acquisition/shareholding of business, including the management of legal, financial and administrative aspects.

Legal assistance for the formalization of agreements and the management of possible disputes through partnerships with law firms and Tax – Administrative consulting firms.


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